While you have prepared yourself for the warm Californian summer months and you do look forward to the bright sunshine, the thought of spending hours in the sun maintaining the yard, can alter the mood inspired by the onset of summer. Wondering how you can avoid this backbreaking chore? By opting for synthetic grass.

Synthetic turf/ commercial turf, or playground turf is perfect for any green area in. It is made from a longer-bladed polyethylene product that simulates natural grass in appearance and impact.

While you may have heard about residential synthetic grass due to its growing popularity, you have no knowledge of its life-changing impact until you make the switch. The labor and sweat poured into lawn maintenance will be put to an end permanently. You will no longer be required to mow, put chemicals, fertilize, or carry out yard work of any kind.

You can go on vacation with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the condition of your lawn will be just as it was when you left. Your yard will be a sight to behold regardless of the weather conditions or the time of year.

The greatest advantage of artificial grass is the fact that it requires no watering whatsoever. Homeowners in hot weather areas are used to extremely high water bills in summer. With artificial grass, you can in fact expect a decrease in your water expenses over a year. This makes artificial grass extremely cost effective in the long-term.

Lawns are meant to be enjoyed, not slaved over. With artificial grass, homeowners and those with other types of green areas to maintain, are discovering that a picture-perfect lawn requires less, not more, personal effort. A perfect yard is just a matter of choice. So opt for artificial turf not only if you want a perfectly maintained lawn, but look forward to re-claiming your weekends.