For the golf enthusiast, what happens on the driving range is not less important than what happens once the round begins. Many golfers are frustrated by the feeling of practice mats and are left unsatisfied by the experience they afford. In order to offer the best to golfers, it makes sense to provide a realistic driving setting with custom tee lines. Made from the finest synthetic turf on the market, tee lines simulate feel of the tee box and provide a realistic setting in which to get into the groove.

Tee lines enable golfers to take their long game further, to more accurate distances. Tee lines eliminate the lack of distance and accuracy, that is part of the package with standard golf mats. Certain tee lines even allow players to place regular tees directly into the hitting surface, enabling better contact and an accurate assessment of their long game.

Durability is another factor in favor of tee lines. They are suitable for heavy traffic areas, and if ever there was a heavy traffic area then a driving range would certainly qualify. Each tee line is built to last from 10 to 15 years. Tee lines made of synthetic turf require little maintenance. Thus you are freed from the bother of watering, mowing, replacing divots forever. Golfers cannot fail to appreciate such a practice experience for its immense impact on their overall game.

As the owner of a practice facility, you need to ensure your customer's satisfaction. For this, it is essential for your driving range to be outfitted with synthetic tee lines that closely simulate the look and feel of natural grass. This will ensure that your facility is as much of a hit with frequenting golfers as the tee lines they’ll be teeing off of.