In any hostile situation, a person can defend himself, if he knows any self defense techniques like karate, kung-fu and any other. Martial Arts is one such self defense techniques, which teaches individuals to easily oppose any argument circumstances. These techniques act as the first and most important step towards effective self-defense, against any hostilities situations. Therefore, it's very important that a person learn the correct way of performing any martial art steps. Apart from the proper training, an individual must also acquire good quality equipments. If you're a beginner in martial arts then, the below mentioned equipments would give you a better picture:

• Makiwara

To learn various styles of traditional karate this padded striking post generally helps. Usually, it's filled with rubber and covered with canvas to reduce the actual damage to the hand or elbows while training. For continued training session it's better to buy a high quality makiwara with sufficient foam padding.

• Training bags

It's is not only meant for boxers but also trainees in martial arts. They use them to practice their punches and improve their skill at the same time. Before you go and buy any training bags, make sure they are made of strong canvas, and filled up to 9/10 with clean sand. To lessen the chances of splitting at the seams the bags should be double-stitched. The spring used for hanging these training bags should be made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

• Training shields

These shields are generally used to defend a trainee against the kicks and punches dished out by an opponent, during the training sessions. Training shields made of reinforced vinyl with tri-layer foam are considered best to reduce the force of the impact on your hands and wrists.

• Hand grips

Hand grips are the basic martial art gear. It improves the overall strength of fingers and palms for martial art trainees. Basically, the equipment is manufactured from heavy-duty stainless steel while the hand grip is made of reinforced plastic or vinyl.

• Ripcord

To add resistance to your martial art movements these tough elastic cords are applied. Learners can either use them to exert more pressure on their arms when punching, or on their legs when walking or running. Ripcord assist martial art learners to strengthen their limbs and improve overall muscle tone.

Thus, every martial art learner must buy these basic gears, along with the requisite clothing, to get a good start.