One of the common things that most golfers try to correct is a golf slice. It is considered to be one of the biggest problems that regular golf players face in the game. Most golf players tend to deduct lot of strokes from their scoreboard while correcting this problem.

If a player aims at the farthest left of the fairway but end up going a little towards the right then it’s termed as golf slice.

Golf slice is believed to be the common reason behind most golf player’s frustration. The main reason behind, is the fact that most players do not spend enough time to figure out the reason why they do slices with their golf ball?

Here are some of the tips that can help golfers who wish to correct their golf slice problems:

  •     * Proper stance – it is one of the common ways to solve golf slice problem. For this, the player has to place both his feet at a distance in proportion to the breadth of their shoulders. To determine whether the feet are correctly aligned, simply place the golf club on the ground next to the toes and ensure they are aimed right at it.
  •     * Relaxed elbows – every golfer must always remember to keep his shoulders relaxed and comfortable. Even a slight change can bring lot of variation, in the course of the golf ball.
  •     * Proper grip – the correct way of holding a golf club is to place the left hand below the shaft line, so that it points to the right eye. The right hand of the golfer must sit on top of the left thumb. Make sure not to hold the club either too tight or too loose.
  •     * Correct swing – the correct way to backswing a golf club is to start with the left hand, then arms followed by shoulders, along with the hips should turn first then eye on the ball and finally the head.

Players who are facing golf slice dilemma must follow these steps religiously to correct them.