Before 1970, there was no such thing as synthetic grass. Most of the cricket leagues were played either on a turf pitch or on a puzzling minefield of mats. Though, these days the idea of making children bat without the use of helmet on a mat covered surface with two massive layers at mid-pitch where the mats don’t meet, is quite interesting and fascinating.

Generally, cricket pitches are either covered Synthetic grass cricket pitch is a soft grass surface, which is specially designed for winter sports. The new pitch doesn’t require covering during winters.

The basic functionality behind synthetic grass cricket pitches is as follows:

  •     * Firstly, a specially designed rubber shock pad is placed on the pitch of a normal concrete slab. It makes the surface more firm and soft for winter sports.
  •     * Next, a medium length, non-abrasive polyethylene synthetic grass surface is laid on top of the shock pad.
  •     * As, more rubber makes the surface more soft therefore, after the match gets over, the entire pitch is broomed.
  •     * Finally, water is sprayed on the pitch to remove every rubber particle from the pitch surface.

To determine whether the pitches are in proper accordance, various ball bounce and spin tests are conducted on the pitch. Because of the high durability of these pitches, both senior and junior matches can be played on them for several seasons.

Being, synthetic in nature the pitches last longer than the usual cricket pitches. This soft-spongy grass surface even makes the cricketers happy. Its non-abrasive nature help last cricket balls twice than the sand pitches, which easily used to wears out the ball condition.

The synthetic grass cricket pitches are not only durable but also firm enough to withstand missiles hitting it at a pace. Synthetic pitches are also flexible therefore, to maintain ball surface and winter sports players are easy.

Now, even the batsmen can depend on the new synthetic grass cricket pitches to bat on. For, bowlers these pitches act as a slight spring while bowling. No more, the cricket players have to worry about the dangers of being tackled on the cricket pitch area. Hence, thanks to the introduction of synthetic pitches more improvements can be made in the field of cricket.