Based on various observations and consumer opinions the following list of the top 5 highest rated golf GPS units have been prepared. Every single report also includes, its fascinating features and benefits that separate the GPS from the competition.

Garmin GolfLogix GPS

It is considered to be one of the most precise, durable and user-friendly golf GPS. This GPS system has more clarity and readability as compared to others in the market. The two main features of Gramin GolfLogix GPS Unit are:

    * Light weight

    * Store 20 courses

Though, the unit isn’t very flashy but it is believed to be the most accurate golf GPS on the market.

Upro Golf GPS

One of the next generation GPS units is the Upro Golf GPS unit. Some of the basic features in this GPS unit are:

    * Allows purchase of course data on a "per course" basis

    * Two levels of data : PRO data and uPro data

    * High tech

In case of PRO data, the golfers can even include video flyovers for each & every hole. But, if you’re looking for something more sleek, light and thin then, opt for uPro GPS unit. The unit looks more like an intersection between a GPS unit and an iPhone.

For, golfers who play only occasionally an uPro Golf GPS system is much better; as it charges for course data rather than a yearly fee, which proves to be a great savings.

Therefore, the high tech golf GPS would not only improve your game but also amaze your friends with its cool features.

Sonocaddie V300 Personal Golf GPS

Here are some of the cool features about Sonocaddie v300 personal golf GPS unit:

    * Displays golfer’s position in real time

    * Displays drive distance

    * Digital display of scorecard

    * Free download of first five course (no annual fee)

    * Summary of overall statistics and score analysis

SkyCaddie SG5 Golf GPS

Golfers who want a colorful display with readability option should opt for SkyCaddie SG5 golf GPS unit. Some of the best features about this GPS unit are:

  •    Light weight device
  •    Large color display
  •    Long battery life
  •    Easy operation

The only exception in this GPS unit is that, their certified professionals would physically visit each course to determine the exact accuracy of every target. Therefore, the result provided is of higher quality than satellite based systems.

Bushnell Yardage Pro GPS

It is considered to be one of the basic golf GPS devices. Features include:

  •     * Most general GPS device
  •     * Provides accurate yardage
  •     * Easy use
  •     * Lightweight
  •     * Simplicity in reading

Therefore, these are some of the best-rated golf GPS systems available in the market. Therefore, you buy any golf GPS unit try and match its features with both your needs and budget.