There are many myth busters, which are believed by golfers. Some of these include:


  •     * If your golf swing is perfect, your game will be perfect.
  •     * One can always buy a better game.
  •     * Golfer’s scores are lowered due to technology.


There are various training aids, golf instructions given in magazines, TV shows and articles, which offer tips for crafting the perfect swing. But, have these tips worked? Let’s find out:


In 1978, 75% of total golfers never broke the record of 90 and only 25% golfers ever shot in 80s.


After 26 years in 2004, 460cc drivers with 45’’ multi-kick point shafts were introduced. Cavity back iron and balls to prevent hooks and slices were also used in the game. Further, the world class instructions from smartest minds in the game increased the swing numbers by 3%.


And now there percentage of golfers breaking 90 has reached to 28%. Only 90 billion has been spent on golf equipment by this time, which does not include training aids and lessons.


If there would have been any other business that produced numbers like this for customers, then seriously the business would have been out. But golfers have such an appetite than even growing horde of manufacturers are more than willing to feed them.


So, after bombarded with improvement myths, do we just give up trying to get better? Absolutely not. It is human tendency that we want to get better at what we do. But our core beliefs should be based on reality and they should empower us, rather than encouraging us to needlessly emptying our wallets.


What is interesting is that there is only one area that will help in improving your game without costing you a penny and that area is your mind. Play mental game. Use your mind to make a strategy, method and focus on it.