One of the new sport for adventure seekers is sandboarding. This sport drive sandboarders to search and ride the perfect sand dunes. One of the best place to enjoy sandboarding is in the Northwest United States. The place consists of Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area which attracts many adventurers  from across the world.  

The Right Technique to Sandboard

Just like snowboarding or skateboarding, even sandboarding requires the application of right abilities and techniques. Though, the sport is less expensive but still risky. But, even the risk of falling in sand is less harmful then falling on hard snow or pavement. If you are beginners in sandboarding then, you must first try them on flat surfaces. It would be better if you start learning sandboarding on small dune for short runs until you feel confident to try them on big sand dunes. The thrilling part about sandboarding is that one has balance on sand dunes of  varying length and height. The game is both exciting and thrilling. For quick runs try the packed sand leads. Once you establish a run on a dune then later run would becomes more fast and quick.

The only drawback of sandboarding is that players have to hike back up the dune hill to try it again. So, every sandboarders must be well prepared for some sand dune climbing as there are no sandboard lifts available unlike snowboarding. 

Sandboard Equipment and Essential Items

The most essential equipment in the sandboarding sport. Usually, most sandboarders ride barefoot to avoid the irritation of sand filling in their shoes. If you don't own a sandboard don't worry! You can easily get them on rent for reasonable prices. The various available sandboards are plain sandboard, wood cutters, terrain boards. A sand park which consists of jumps & rails give more thrill and adventure. 

Broad wax is another important element that would be required by the players. Most professional suggest to apply this “speed wax” after every run. Therefore, they should be applied as often as possible to enjoy a smooth ride on the sand dune. After applying wax make sure to run the board back & forth for comfortable and smoother ride.

Remember to carry a bottle of water, sunscreen, sunglasses and enough clothing for sandboarding. Weather with bright sun and calm wind is considered to an ideal for sandboarding. These items would also protect you against any weather and sunburn.