Here are some of the basic diet tips designed especially for young athletes. Apart from good exercise   regimen young athletes must also follow a proper diet plan. The following points would definitely help you  get a fair idea about the diet plan for young athletes.
  • Whole foods – the diets for young athletes must consists of whole food like fish, nuts, seeds, vegetables and lean meats. You must avoid consuming colored 'food' which are although, easy prepare but lack necessary nutrition. The basic problem that most American families face is the commercialized food industry which has introduced canned food and other food supplements in the market. These canned food not only lack necessary minerals and vitamins but also harm the body i the long run. Therefore, try & avoid colored foods especially in the diet plan for young athletes. 
  • Carbohydrates -  try and maintain a proper balance in carbohydrate consumption. One can easily add carbohydrate in their diet chart jut by adding vegetables and nuts. Unfortunately, most athletes consume more of refined grains or sugars which lacks carbohydrate. Hence, to maintain proper carbohydrate balance in body try replacing pastas, bread, cereal and other refined grains with nutrient dense and fiber rich foods in the diet of young athletes.
  • Water consumption – one of the essential things that young athletics must include is increase consumption of water intake. Young athletes tend to sweat a lot which leads to dehydration in their body. Therefore, proper consumption of water is very essential to maintain a nutrient and catalyst balance for all biochemical needs. Most physician believe that the basic problem that many athletics face is lack of water consumption.  
Hence, every young athlete must include these points while preparing their health chart. These points will not only help balance all your diet needs but also increase strength in your body for all strenuous activities.